Services we offer

The Society is committed to supporting people from a Chinese background whose lives are affected by cancer. Working together as a team, we offer a range of services which are free and confidential to individuals and their family members.

Education and Information

The diagnosis of cancer often creates a state of shock and a high level of fear and anxiety.  Therefore information is vital in helping cancer sufferers to make necessary decisions in treatment plans and along the journey of survivorship.

  • CCSV provides a range of Chinese and English resources on cancer and wellbeing topics.  Apart from resources from local providers such as the Cancer Council Victoria, we have cancer resources in the Chinese language sourced from Hong Kong. CCSV Clubhouse also has a small library of resources.
  • The Society has an oncology nurse, social workers, counselors and a dietician that are available for consultation by appointment.
  • Seminars and information sessions are held on a regular basis.
  • Information displays are held at cultural festivals and community expos.

Individual Support

Individual Support includes outreach visits, telephone and on-line support.

The Society’s Family Support Team volunteers reach out to cancer sufferers in their own home or hospitals, targeting those who are isolated, frail or distressed, terminally ill, or those who have to care for school aged children. Our support includes friendly visits, practical assistance, and counseling by qualified professionals. Bereavement support is also offered to bereaved families.

The flexibility of CCSV volunteers working after hours enables greater contact with clients and provide much needed help to those who are in need. At times, people who approach CCSV do not wish to disclose their illness or identity due to cultural beliefs and stigmas. We offer visitation as an option to work with our clients.


Cancer sufferers and carers who are in similar situations are matched to connect with each other for mutual support. Research has demonstrated that sharing with someone who has gone through a similar experience can help reduce some of the anxieties and fear associated with the illness.

Support Group Meetings and Recreational Activities

CCSV offers support group meetings and additional recreational activities to provide opportunities for cancer sufferers to share cancer experiences in a friendly environment, to discuss matters that are taboo in the wider community. 

Activities include festival celebrations, choir practice, outings and camps.  CCSV volunteers also bring cancer sufferers who do not have their own transport to attend support groups meetings and other functions.

Support group meetings are held in a variety of locations in Footscray, Box Hill and Springvale.

Welfare Grants

One-off welfare grants may also be offered to sufferers who have special needs.


  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Free wigs at a budget cost


CCSV newsletters feature cancer sufferers’ experiences which serve as a bridge between the Society and its members and service users.

Community Services

  • Daffodil Day
  • Relay for Life
  • Mothers Day Classic